Let’s Try This Once More

So, here’s a little story for you.

It was only in May 2005 that I, owing to the phenomenon I like call “bookworm lag,” first ventured in the unknown world of the BlogosphereTM. In my own brand-spankin’-new blog, I hoped to share with world my more carefully pondered (and by extension, enlightened!) thoughts on a wide range of topics, written in the best English prose I could muster.

By August 2005, my blog was dead. It was no more. It had ceased to be.

Of course, this came as no surprise. It takes me a terribly long time to write anything at all, let alone the kinds of things that I wanted to post; blogging thus quickly became more of a drag than a pleasure. But I have often wished since then for an outlet for opinion and commentary: a place where I could speak my mind more or less freely about news, events, topics and publications that catch my attention, but without having to be particularly insightful, innovative, or inspirational (er, or alliterative, I guess). Well then, folks, welcome to my new blog!

Okay, so maybe that’s not the more marketable way to describe my “blogging goals.” What I mean is that I wish for this place to be a venue where I can think out loud without pressures or expectations (mostly my own!). In that way, it can become the outlet that I desire, and not the burden it once was.

So yes, welcome to my new blogand thank you for enjoying the ride with me!

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