"Minister Rejects Hell, Loses Congregation"

The tale of how former Pentecostal superstar Carlton Pearson came to believe a bona-fide heresy (namely, that there is no such thing as eternal condemnation), boldly started preaching it, was soundly condemned for teaching said false doctrine (gasp, how dare they!), and thus lost his empire.

I was greatly amused by the fact that Pearson seems to think that he has a right to preach whatever his little heart desires, without reference to the faith of the communitybut when the community rightly rejects his teaching and designates it as heresy, then they’re acting out of ignorance and spite, and causing him undue grief. Oh, boohoo! Please excuse me while I bust out the world’s smallest violin for you.

I was also amused by the pointed visual and narrative references to the Greek and Hebrew texts of the Bible while the reporter spoke of the “crisis of faith” that lead to Pearson’s loss of faith in the infallibility, and perhaps also in the inspiration, of the Scriptures (a crisis precipitated by “study,” of course, because it is understood that no classical Christian doctrine can withstand critical scrutiny). As we know, the weaker the argument, the greater the appeal that must be made to perceived authority! Yea verily, this is the stuff that makes theological lightweights, like the thrice-wretched John Shelby Spong et al.


2 responses to “"Minister Rejects Hell, Loses Congregation"

  1. You can hear a radio story of his “journey” on PRI’s This American Life. It seems that he got this idea while watching television and a voice just talked to him. I guess this is where watchfulness comes in


  2. Indeed! And not only watchfulness over thoughts and imaginations, but also actively rejecting any provocation through the senses. After all, if you’re wanting to hear or see something, you will—either from delusion or even darker sources.


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