Pointless Consumer(ist)’s Report

This weekend I have discovered that K-mart stores here in Puerto Rico do not have a book and magazine section. You see, I’m on the market for a low-cost reading/reference edition of a recent Bible translation that shall remain nameless. (No, I don’t already have it. Well, I only have the New Testament. And I want—no, need—the whole thing. Who are you to judge me?!) Generally I would obtain such things at the unusually well-stocked Bible section at the local Borders, except that it turns out that it is no longer well-stocked, but rather has been reduced to a faint shadow of its former glory. On my way back to the car I pondered where to look next, and it dawned on me that low-priced Zondervan Bibles can usually be found in the book section at major department stores, so I stopped in the K-mart across the street. Well, my friends, there were no books to be found anywhere except for the new Harry Potter novel. And same thing with another K-mart nearer to where I live. I have not yet tried Wal-Mart, but I think that they do have a book section. And I know for a fact that Sam’s Club sells books, but I don’t currently have a card. Grievous, the whole thing. Can’t a guy get a TNIV in peace in around here?!

Oh, shoot. That was supposed to remain nameless, wasn’t it?

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