TNIV Quest, Finis (Or, I Can Quit Any Time I Want)

That’s it. I give up.

No TNIVs are to be found anywhere around here. I’ve called every bookstore in the phone book. No decent, low-priced editions, and not even grossly overpriced ones. This is a travesty, alasthe very bane of my soul!

Listen to me, Borders! You will pay for this. How dare you do away with your awesomely well-stocked Bible section?! I mean, I even bought a Catholic edition of the NLT (i.e, one with the Deuterocanonical books) there once! Like, who carries that? And yet you had it. But now you have betrayed me, and that utterly. Maybe some day I will remember again the good times, but I wouldn’t count on it, busters.

Wal-Mart, I thank you for carrying the NIV Archaelogical Study Bible, and indeed, for having a far better selection of English Bibles than Borders (!). We will become good friends. In the meantime, order some TNIVs.

And… maybe some Updated NASBs as well. I definitely need a better copy of that.


4 responses to “TNIV Quest, Finis (Or, I Can Quit Any Time I Want)

  1. I heard a rumour that Borders have this great scheme where you can go to their service desk and ask them to get a book in for you! It’s really amazing. :)


  2. Oh, Timothy, my friend! Clearly you don’t understand that I must have my TNIV (or any other new Biblical translation I may require) yesterday. ;-)


  3. Had you ordered it at the start of your search, you would a) have been under no obligation to purchase it when it came it, so if you’d found another copy elsewhere you would have been fine and b) you would have it by now.

    So. It’s not my fault you don’t have it yesterday :)


  4. Oh, hush! Given that I only started my quest on Sunday, I very much doubt that I would have it by now. ;-) But still, you do make an excellent point!


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