The News You Didn’t Hear

And frankly, I didn’t hear them until today either, and then it was difficult to find anything at all about it in English!

It appears that His Grace, Bishop Chrysostom (Jević), of the much-suffering Diocese of Bihać-Petrovac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was robbed and rather mercilessly beaten in his residence on the night between Sunday, July 15 and Monday, July 16, 2007. One news report reads:

Bishop Hrizostom, from area Bihać-Petrovac was attacked during the night between Sunday and Monday in episcopacy centre. Around 2 am, several persons busted in bishop’s room and attacked him asking for money. The attackers tied bishop’s arms and legs, while one of them seated on his back and threatened to kill him. After that, he started beating bishop with his belt. The attackers were throwing bishop things around the room looking for money. After they were gone, bishop untied himself up and called for help. He was later transported to the hospital by the police car and after the medical treatment he received, was transported back to his residence. The ambulance could not come, as it is stated in the newspaper, since the doctor on duty could not leave his duty station.

That same news report, and others as well, note that this barbaric act has been soundly condemned by the leaders of the Croatian and Muslim communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that the authorities have pledged to thoroughly investigate the attack and bring the perpetrators to justice. One can only hope that actions will match their words, and that justice will be made, no matter who the criminal attackers are.

[UPDATE: I have just found a Spanish news report on this crime. According to the Bishop’s office, this is the fourth attack against members of the Serbian Church in past few months. The Bishop’s residence is not in the Republika Srpska (i.e., the Serbian political entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina), but rather in a Croatian and Muslim-controlled area. It is not yet known whether this was a random criminal act, or a politically (and I might add, religiously) motivated act.]

3 responses to “The News You Didn’t Hear

  1. i’m hearing more and more reports of this kind of individual violence against clergy and monastics. is it a sign of the times? or a common occurance rarely published? Lord have mercy, indeed.


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