Two Excellent Posts

Allow me to draw your attention to a couple excellent posts that have recently appeared in two of my favorite corners of the biblioblogdom:

1) The hoopy Kevin Edgecomb, who blogs over at biblicalia, has posted some very insightful thoughts on the relationship between the rise of the Biblical canon and the “canon of faith” (regula fidei) in earliest Christianityindeed, in the Apostolic age itselfwhich are right worthy of your time and attention.

2) John Hobbins, also a frood who knows where his towel is, explains to us quite pointedly why Hector Avalos is full of it, and he also explicitly illustrates what the awful Bible actually teaches, and why such savage notions are impossible to apply in the modern world. These and other morsels of sheer Hobbinsian awesomeness may be routinely found over at Ancient Hebrew Poetry.

Also, you might want to watch Richard Dawkins’ fascinating interview of Alister McGrath, which was recently made available online by Dawkins’ websiteand be sure to read Anthony Sacramone’s equally fascinating commentary piece on this interview over at the First Things blog.


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