We Machen groupies sure are a small but dedicated band of folks! And apparently, the dedication of a couple of our correligionaries is such that, taking their cue from a now legendary article by John Frame, they have made their way to and produced a veritable treasure trove of Machen gear. Click on the “Machen’s Warrior Children” jersey to enter the catalog!

PS: These items would undoubtedly make wonderful Christmas gifts for all your family and friends! ;-)

2 responses to “The MACHEN Army

  1. Wow, an Orthodox who’s into Machen! Is that normal? My knowledge of Orthodoxy is inadequate so I hope to learn a thing or two here.


  2. Phil> Well, I don’t imagine it’s normal–in fact, I suspect I might be about the only one! And I should like to note that I am not merely “into Machen,” but rather have scoured libraries and databases to find every scrap of paper he ever wrote, and ever written about him, for he is one of my heroes! Frankly, I have a bit more of a “Machen warrior child” in me than I generally like to admit. ;-)


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