Why Jim West Is On Facebook

Since Jim West has kindly directed some traffic my way by naming this as an up-and-coming blog worth reading, I thought it appropriate to share in my humble blogging abode a video which, to my mind, quite clearly explains the real reason behind his decision to keep a Facebook account. Quite frankly, I would not be surprised in the least if the same explanation applied to the rest of these bibliobloggers on Facebook!

Very enlightening, isn’t it? [H/T to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Big Blog.]

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that certain malicious individuals, undoubtedly mirroring their own perversity on my wholly pure and blameless intentions, have disfigured the plain meaning of this post beyond recognition. As any person with the least whit of common sense readily infers from all of the above, I meant that the Rev Dr West, a noble Baptist preacher conscious of his evangelical duty to “rescue the perishing,” has set out to reach a youth most wayward that makes Facebook the epicenter of their moral meandering, as illustrated by the video above. Shame on all those who have so misconstrued my post! ;-)


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