Flying Scholars, Spaghetti, and San Diego

Over the past few days, several bloggers have posted notices of their departure for San Diego to attend the ETS, SBL and AAR annual meetings. To all of them, good riddance! Er, wait. My apologies. I meant to say safe travels. Really.

I had entertained the thought of attending SBL this year, but several things didn’t fall into place in time and I was thus unable to get my membership in order. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to attend some other time!

Speaking of the professional meetings taking place in San Diego, I was startled to see the following news item earlier this morning:

Pasta Monster Gets Academic Attention

I thought at first that the Press, and hopefully also the Authorities, had uncovered John Hobbins’ planned spaghettata (or, as the Rev Mr Ker has called it, “a beach-side orgy awash in gorgonzola and tiramisu”). Disappointingly, the story turned out to be something quite different. It clearly illustrates, however, why SBL attendees shall be glad to be wholly rid of AAR types next year.

(I kid, I kid…)


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