Bibliobloggers at SBL: The Evidence

Jim West reports that one Christian Brady, exhibiting great kindness towards those of us who were unable to make it to San Diego, has posted pictures and a podcast from the recent biblioblogger lunch at SBL. Not surprisingly, it is the podcast that has caught my attention. Allow me, if you will, to note a number of things that I love about this podcast:

1) The saucy 70’s music in the podcast introduction and at the end.

2) That Jim West told Ben Myers that he didn’t belong in the biblioblogger lunch.

3) That “Jim West” is suddenly recommending W. F. Albright.

4) John Hobbins’ manly man voice.

5) The Erasmian pronunciation of Greek compounded by an American accent. It always gives me the giggles.

6) “This is Chris Tilling. I’m quite flatulent. I’m a swine, and I can’t help myself, because I’m a swine. That’s me, Chris Tilling, of”

Well, have a listen (and a look), and enjoy!

6 responses to “Bibliobloggers at SBL: The Evidence

  1. I didn’t really tell Ben he didn’t belong- I just told him he was a theo-blogger and this was a biblioblogger lunch. He took it in good humor (as intended!).

    (I clarify because I don’t wish to be viewed as a monster!)


  2. Nick> Yeah, I didn’t expect someone from East Tennessee to have such a flawless British accent! ;-)

    Like the infallible Moisés Silva, I generally use the so-called “Modern Greek” pronunciation privately and the Erasmian pronunciation in academic contexts. (Additionally, I use the “Modern Greek” pronunciation in Church whenever something’s done in Greek.) When I do use the Erasmian pronunciation, however, I do not sound like those silly English speakers, with their risible and cacophonic distinction between long and short vowels and such, simply because I’m a native Spanish speaker, and to pronounce in such a way would be an intolerable affectation in my case.

    Jim> Well, of course, you’re not a monster, and clearly you meant your very funny comment in jest–but you do realize, don’t you, that it’s a lot funnier if one gives the impression that you go around telling people that they don’t belong? ;-)


  3. Ah, I knew it! Surely no one in their right mind would spend any time with such a group of people were it not for the beer involved. ;-)


  4. I am glad you all liked the podcast, even if it was just introductions this time around. Stay tuned to since I am going to do a few more proper interviews. Joe Weaks of The Macintosh Biblioblog will be next (once we both have some time off).


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