Pernicious Perichoreting

Motivated by Jim West’s tongue-lashing and near expulsion of Ben Myers from the biblioblogger lunch, I decided to take a look at the latter’s blog, which I have read on occasion, but not for rather some time. After a few minutes’ perusal, I have decided take a moment to publicly sing Ben’s praises. The reason is this wondrous sentence, which I quote for your edification:

When I hear the word “trinitarian” being used as a cheap slogan, I wince. But when I hear the word “perichoresis,” I reach for my revolver.

Amen and amen! As you all surely know, it irritates me to no end to hear or read references to the Most Holy Trinity’s perichōrēsis as “the (sacred) dance” or some such nonsense. Too bad for me, I guess, because this kind of trivializing tomfoolery seems to be rather en vogue these evil days.

Ben’s original post may be read here. And yes, I have chosen to overlook his wholly distressing fascination with Žižek.


6 responses to “Pernicious Perichoreting

  1. Dave> You’re right–these Militant Perichoreting Emerjerks are SO TOUCHY about their co-opting this term from the Greek patristic tradition! Maybe they know deep down that it’s too big for them to wear.

    As for “missional,” I don’t even know what it means.

    (P.S.: The term “Emerjerk” comes to you courtesy of the late great Fake Carson.)

    Ben> Quite welcome! Fortunately for you, I have quite a bit of practice overlooking Žižekmania–for the imperfect are many, alas.


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