Choice Vignettes from Sitemeter

I’ve been tracking visits to The Voice of Stefan through Sitemeter‘s free service, and occasionally I peek in there to find out who’s been around, and how did they get to my blog. In recent days I’ve encountered a few interesting hits which deserve public mention:

1) If you google my friends and follow the yellow brick road to my blog, I will see that you did that. Please, don’t be a creepy stalker.

2) Some gave my blog a good look from the domain Well, hello to the fine people of Baylor University Press!

3) Some concerned soul from the domain, who clearly must have read a recent post of mine in which I referred to a howler in the Grand Rapids Theological Seminary catalog that was later photoshopped for later editions thereof, decided to google “Grand Rapids Theological Seminary howler” several times to see how easily my blog came up. Of course, if you take the time to run that particular search, you will see that my blog is the very first hit. Someone must be greatly distraught indeed at the corner of East Beltline and Leonard! Now, in order to make that person’s distress complete, I shall proceed with a full exposé of the aforementioned howler.

GRTS catalogs from the mid-90’s feature a lovely picture of the late great Carl B. Hoch, Jr., Professor of New Testament at that institution from 1974 until his untimely death in 1999, in which The Great One is shown in a wholly characteristic lecturing pose. Drawn on the blackboard behind him may be seen a graphic along these lines:

All well and good, of course; clearly Dr. Hoch was explaining the eschatological tension in which live, according to St. Paul, all those who find themselves by faith in that overlapping area between “in Adam” and “in Christ.” Enter, however, the Clueless Copycat MiddlerTM and an infamous shot that also wound up in the GRTS catalog. This latter picture shows the above-named character giving a class presentation, and on the blackboard behind him may be seen a graphic that very closely resembles that in Dr. Hoch’s picture, except in one important respect. Rather than ἐν Χριστῷ, the student had written:

ἐν Χριστό

This is, of course, the preposition ἐν complemented by the Middler Case of a noun of the Nth Declension. This ghastly blunder stood for all to see, in all of its glory, in the academic catalog; but this, apparently, was not enough. Admissions displays that featured the offending picture were also created and set up not only at the lobby of the most visible building at Cornerstone University, but in other colleges and universities as well. Professor Andy Smith, a disciple of the late great Dr Hoch and my good friend, famously took his college Greek class to the on-campus display and asked them to identify what was wrong with the picture (the account of which I heard from the lips of the unrepentant culprit himself!).

Eventually, someone did catch the error at the seminary (which, incidentally, happens to have some of the stricter language requirements of any ATS-accredited institution). However, rather than remove the picture altogether from the catalog and other promotional materials, they decided to photoshop the picture instead so as to correct the pathetic goof. These shenanigans were to no avail, however, for I had already archived a number of copies of the offending picture! Now the picture was eventually dropped, but I imagine only to make space for more recent pictures in the admission materials.

4) And last, but not least, I note that there are no visits whatever from Mozambique registered on my Sitemeter. Shame on the Rev Mr Ker!

3 responses to “Choice Vignettes from Sitemeter

  1. According to his bio, Andy Smith has one son, Stephen… Could it be? Nah… He doesn’t even look Puerto Rican… ;^P


  2. So, what does a Puerto Rican look like, anyway? I’ve always wondered, particularly when people tell me that I don’t look like one (!). ;-)

    Esteban Esmith

    Er, wait…


  3. Caught! I am your “GRTS howler” googler. I must admit, I was unsure of what you meant by “howler”. I have actually pulled the old catalogs since your second post on the subject. You’re right… that picture was used a few times. It just goes to show that it was a photographer that set up the shot and not a prof.


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