Роди нам се Христос Спас!

On this 26th of December, the Second Day of Christmas, the Holy Church celebrates the Synaxis of Our Most Holy Lady, the Mother of God and Ever-virgin Mary. “This Assembly,” reads the short Synaxarion from the Great Horologion, “which is our gathering to sing the glory of the Mother of God, takes place fittingly particularly for her as the one who gave birth beyond nature to the Son and Word of God, and became the instrument of the salvation of humanity.”

As a Festal treat, you will find below the wonderful video for the song Анђели певају (The Angels Sing). The recording is from the 2006 album Обновимо себе – подигнимо Ступове, produced as part of the efforts to raise funds to rebuild the ancient Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery in Ras. The song itself is one of many written by St Nikolaj Velimirović (d. 1956)our beloved Vladika Nikolaj, the “Serbian Chrysostom.” Below the video, you will find the Serbian text along with my English translation. Enjoy!

Анђели певају The Angels Sing
Ноћ прекрасна и ноћ тија,
над пећином звезда сија,
у пећини Мати спи,
над Исусом Анђел бди.

Анђели певају,
пастири свирају,
Анђели певају,
мудраци јављају:
што народи чекаше,
што пророци рекоше,
ево сад се у свет јави,
у свет јави и објави:
Роди нам се Христос Спас,
за спасење свију нас.
Алилуја, алилуја,
Господи, помилуј!

Night most beautiful, silent night!
A star shines over the Cave.
In the cave the Mother sleeps;
An angel watches over Jesus.

The angels sing [it],
The shepherds play [it];
The angels sing [it],
The Magi make [it] known:
What the people had been expecting,
What the prophets had foretold,
Has now been revealed to the world,
Revealed and announced to the world:
Christ the Savior is born to us,
For the salvation of us all.
Alleluia, Alleluia,
Lord, have mercy!

Мир Божији, Христос се роди! Ваистину се роди!
Peace from God, Christ is born! Truly He is born!


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