What Facebook Thinks of Jim West

A little while ago I joined Jim West’s Huldrych Zwingli Facebook Groupand added Jim as a friend immediately afterwards. I didn’t know, however, that Facebook’s security check to prevent automated friend requests would be customized to each individual user! Click on the screenshot below to learn what terms I was required to enter in order to add Jim West as a friend:

No, folks, I’m not making this up!

2 responses to “What Facebook Thinks of Jim West

  1. Now that’s funny!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m tempted to change the blog title accordingly. How cool would it be to be listed as Dr Defiance!

    Heck, it sounds like a John Wayne western….



  2. Oh, you should definitely do that! It would be beyond cool; it would be scrumptrillescent. I would also grab the AIM screenname. ;-)

    I nearly died laughing when I saw that bit. Made my day!


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