International Septuagint Day 2008

Well, today was the IOSCS‘s International Septuagint Day and I didn’t even know it! Thanks to Kevin Edgecomb for pointing this out. Kevin notes that this day has been chosen because this is the date of St Justinian‘s Novella 146in Bob Kraft‘s words, “the one date we know of from late antiquity on which LXX/OG/Aquila received special attention.” Sadly, I learned of this too late to write something to honor the day, so I must content myself with providing links to the two lonely posts in which I have touched on any matters remotely Septuagintal: see here and here. A pitiful showing, to be sure, but quite an encouragement to produce something worthwhile for next year!

2 responses to “International Septuagint Day 2008

  1. Oh so sad. I didn’t realize until too late. Still Friday for me but too late.

    I have been studying the Psalms in Hebrew, at a real seminary and all! I use my new Hebrew – Greek Psalter and am totally wowed by the differences in interpretation.


  2. Sad, indeed! But no worries, there’s always next year. I’ve put the date in my calendar and set an electronic reminder; this way, I’m sure to keep the date in mind next time around. I hope you’ll do the same!

    Meanwhile, your Hebrew exegesis adventures at a Real Seminary (which you mentioned in somebody’s combox a while back, but who knows whose!) sound really very exciting. I hope to hear a lot more about them–and who knows, your posts may even cause a new Psalm-related blogostorm!


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