The Best "Orthodox Blog" in Existence (and a Couple of Others)

In his most recent update to the excellent Orthodox Christian Information Center, webmaster Patrick Barnes noted:

Ora et Labora. This is the best blog I’ve seen on Orthodox Christianity. The blogger, a Russian Orthodox clergyman who wishes to remain anonymous, posts frequently and with considerable insight and erudition.”

After only a few days of reading Ora et Labora, I can attest to the truth Patrick’s words and heartily recommend this wonderful blog to all.  I admit: by and large, I don’t read “Orthodox blogs.”* But here is indeed a notable exception to the pseudo-academic, obnoxiously self-important, dolefully provincial yet militant Americanist ‘Orthodoxy’ that seems to dominate the Internet.

Since some of you have asked in the past about blogs by Orthodox authors that might be worth your while, I will take this chance to highlight those listed on my blogroll in addition to Ora et Labora, which are the ones that I myself read and find useful and interesting:

I’m sure there are others, but again, these are the ones I read, and they have yet to disappoint. (N.B.: There is also, of course, Kevin Edgecomb’s wonderful blog Biblicalia, but I’ve always thought of it more along the lines of a “biblioblog” by an Orthodox author.)


* I have no earthly idea of what an “Orthodox blog” may be. I have never seen a blog being baptized, chrismated or communed. Allowing for some imaginative exegesis of these words, however, I suppose that they might refer to blogs dedicated to theology and the spiritual life (which are, after all, one and the same thing) written by Orthodox Christian authors from the perspective of the Tradition of the Orthodox Church. This was, in any case, my working definition for my limited selection here.

5 responses to “The Best "Orthodox Blog" in Existence (and a Couple of Others)

  1. Isn’t an “orthodox blog” something that is really a blog? The essence of a blog, as it were. Like the old-timey blogs of yore, not the like the ons from the so-called “new bloggers.”


  2. Nice! Thanks for the note. I agree about Biblicalia, too. Sometimes I don’t think I’m very Orthodox at all, really….

    When I am too busy, Ora et Labora is the one blog I’ll look at. It is refreshing.


  3. Juhem> Fascinating line of thinking! I thing you might be on to something, there. ;-)

    Kevin> You’re quite welcome, of course!

    I’d like to point out that I don’t think of my blog as an “Orthodox blog,” either. Really, I lack the chutzpah to pretend to speak for the Church! This is a “biblioblog” (or “biblicablog,” to suit your fancy). But of course, being Orthodox, faith seeps through at many turns as I write on biblical studies and other things. I see the same at work in your blog, as well, and frankly I appreciate that. I really don’t know what would make me or my blog “very Orthodox”–perhaps if I were arrogant, triumphalistic and condescending in the extreme? ;-)


  4. Ah! So we can enjoy our Mutually Orthodox Appreciation Society!

    Still, thanks for calling my blog “wonderful.” That’s very nice.

    I got back just a little while ago. I read psalms tonight with the Psalti and Reader. I think I’m still a little high from the incense.


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