Yet More Comments on the Complete OSB

Those keeping track of the many reviews of the complete Orthodox Study Bible that have appeared online in recent weeks might also wish to take note of the following posts:

1) Our good friend Kevin Edgecomb has produced another review piece entitled Orthodox Study Bible redux, in which he ably discusses a number of errors and problems with the OSB that he did not address in his first review post.

Also, alerted by a mischievous miscreant regarding a particularly egregious misprint in the OSB, Kevin gives us a short relation of some quirky Bibles in the history of English Bible printing, and suggests at the end of this entertaining post what, in light of the long tradition of English Bible misprints, might become the name for the first edition of the OSB: The ‘Slop’ Bible.

2) Felix Culpa (i.e., Father Anonymous) over at Ora et Labora has written a dazzling first installment of his projected multi-part review of the OSB (Orthodox Study Bible: My Turn, I) in which he dissects, unflinchingly and with a steady hand, the dust cover of this new volume. As is well known, I worry a great deal about the worldview deficiencies of projects such the OSB and of “American Orthodoxy” (whatever that means) in general, so I welcome commentary focusing exclusively on this issue which I believe should be treated separately from any translational, textual or editorial deficiencies that may exist in this volume. I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest of the installments! [UPDATE: The second installment, dealing with the nature of the OSB notes, is now available.]

Father has also posted a helpful round up of some OSB reviews so far. To the comments and reviews he has already listed we might add the following: those by David Bryan, Benedict Seraphim (both his Initial Superficial Impression and his Further Reflections), and a commenter over at Orthodoxie. [UPDATE: Kevin Burt also offers some very thoughtful, and generally positive, observations in his post A layman’s thoughts on the Orthodox Study Bible.]

Finally, I should like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Kevin Edgecomb, who has kindly offered to send along a copy of the OSB for examination and review. My own plan since learning of the publication of the OSB has been to do a point-by-point examination using Father Ephrem Lash’s review as an “evaluation guide,” if you will, for the new volume. To borrow Felix Culpa‘s words, I believe that “Fr Ephrem’s review can be used as a standard to measure the success of the 2008 version of the OSB. Were the editors able to incorporate constructive criticism, or were they not?” With thanks to Kevin for making it possible, I expect to start on that project in the near future, after the volume arrives hereperhaps after Pascha.

3 responses to “Yet More Comments on the Complete OSB

  1. Dude, you already know what I’m going to say… but I’ll say it anyway ;-)


    And I’m very pleased to heard that the honorable brother Edgecomb was willing to do what Tommy Nelson wasn’t. We should all have friends like him who send us Bibles out of the kindness of their hearts. ;-)


  2. Oh, come on. I might blush.

    You’re very welcome to it, Esteban. I hope they send it promptly!


  3. Nick> I can’t wait either! And frankly, I have very little trouble believing that Kevin Edgecomb is kinder, and therefore better, than Thomas “The Man” Nelson. ;-)

    Kevin> You bring such blushing fate on yourself for doing things that merit public recognition! ;-) I do look forward to working my way through it, not only to share in the outrage, but also contribute in some way to the common effort to provide an honest, no-punches-pulled assessment of the complete OSB. According to statistics, most people come to this blog looking for information on that volume!


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