Announcement: New Orthodox Psalter Published

Readers will remember that in an earlier post I mentioned that Michael Asser’s revision of the King James Version’s Psalter according to the Septuagint (available online here and here) was forthcoming in a printed and further corrected edition from the Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies. I am glad to report that the book is now available for purchase, and that shipping is expected by the end of this month. Here is the announcement:


announces, after several years in production, the publication of


arranged for Orthodox liturgical use by Michael Asser, edited by the St. Gregory Palamas Monastery. With full kathismata and verses, conforming to the language of the King James and the Douai-Rheims but translated to reflect the Septuagint text.

This is a beautiful publication of rare book quality on fine paper, with large type, perfect-bound in black faux leather with gold embossing and decorated throughout with original manuscript illumination and Icons in full color.

Because of the cost of production, this first printing is a limited run and should be ordered as early as possible. Pre-orders will be filled and mailed out by the end of April, until the printing is exhausted. If your order is not filled, you should look for announcements of a future second printing.

See details and ordering instructions at:

Michael Asser, a gifted writer and translator, is a native of Great Britain, where he received his B.A. degree in Classics and postgraduate Diploma in Classical Studies at the Open University. He is a Fellow of the Library Association of England and Wales. Mr. Asser was received into the Orthodox Faith by Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia.

See a sample PDF here. This is undoubtedly an important publishing event for English-speaking Orthodox, and this excellent, handsomely bound Psalter deserves to be widely used and recognized. While it is a bit expensive, it should be borne in mind that this quality liturgical text is designed to last several generations of use in the icon corner or the cantor’s stand. Also, it is well known that the CTOS does not arbitrarily inflate book prices for gain (as may be seen from the rest of their catalog), so one may be sure that the price one will pay for this volume is very close to cost. Unfortunately, at $47.95 it is still beyond my means at the present time, but I encourage all who can afford this outstanding publication to order a copy and thus create demand for many other printings.

4 responses to “Announcement: New Orthodox Psalter Published

  1. Trevor, I am now convinced that you are a bearer of good news! :-) Thanks for the information.


  2. BTW, do you know anything/have any thoughts about the translation of P. Papoutsis? I just discovered it as yet another project to translate the Orthodox Bible into English.


  3. I don’t know much of anything about Papoutsis’ work, and I haven’t reviewed in detail the samples available in his website. As I recall there are some idiosyncrasies of style (“thou shall” for “thou shalt” and such), but I really can’t comment on the accuracy of the translation. I do hope that it at least represents its base Greek text well!


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