In Which I Discuss, or Otherwise Note, Sundry Comments By Other People Whose Blogs I Read (Or, Highlights from the Blogroll)

  • Michael Bird makes an impassioned plea to doctoral students in New Testament to pay heed to Græco-Roman sources in their research, and offers a well thought out 12-step plan to remedy the widespread neglect of these sources in recent NT research. In light of posts and articles such as this one, I’m really glad to have taken the time to pursue coursework in the Classics!
  • I knew that reading J. Mark Bertrand’s wonderful Bible Design and Binding blog would be bad for me sooner or later. Earlier today, Mark featured an exquisite handmade edition of the Reina Valera 1995, bound in genuine calfskin by Abba Bibles in Mexico. I was blown away and died a million deaths upon beholding such unearthly beauty. Naturally, I set out to look for other Bibles bound by Abba; I found this, which appears to sell for a mere $450.00 MX (roughly $43 USD). Anyone have any experience buying merchandise directly from Mexico? I can’t afford it at the moment, but I’d certainly like to know how to go about buying this Bible if the opportunity presents itself! Of course, perhaps I should wait until I can find a gorgeously bound edition of the RVR1960, because we all know what happens to me when I read any other Spanish translation.
  • And finally, speaking of translations, the Rev Mr Ker asks, “How would you translate Ἡ ἀγάπη μακροθυμεῖ?” (I Corinthians 13:4a). The divine Suzanne McCarthy hits the nail square on the head with “Love is slow to anger,” and this for entirely Septuagintal reasons. (By the way, Suzanne also posted earlier today on the subject “participle theology“; go, read, and be enlightened. My favorite part of the post is the last paragraph, because I love it when the ESV gets caught doing that which its most ardent pamphleteers so sharply criticize in other translations.)

4 responses to “In Which I Discuss, or Otherwise Note, Sundry Comments By Other People Whose Blogs I Read (Or, Highlights from the Blogroll)

  1. I can’t get enough of Mark’s blog. I’m also so excited for the new ESV by RL Allan this summer that I can hardly stand the wait.


  2. Oh, tell me about it! Mark’s blog is surely biblioblogdom’s guiltiest pleasure! ;-)

    I’m excited about Allan’s Bibles, period. One of these days…


  3. Hello. I came here from JMB’s blog because of the comment you posted about the ridiculously inexpensive bible that you found. But when I clicked on the link in this post, I ended up at a page that says, “Your cart is empty” — well, ok, it actually says, “The cart is empty,” but that just sounds odd. ;-) I’d love to see the product page, if you can explain how you found it.

    [Hmmmm. Just before submitting this comment, I tried that link one more time, and it worked. So, never mind what I said above. Now I’m curious if anyone else is having this issue…]

    And sorry to be nosy, but I can’t resist: which part of the island do you live on? My parents moved there when I was just a few months old, and stayed for several years teaching on a military base near Ponce. We traveled all over the island, though, and I’m suddenly flooded with memories of Bayam&#243n, Caguas, Viejo San Juan, El Morro, La Parguera, San Germ&#225n, Aguadilla, Mayag&#252ez, Bah&#237a fosforesente, El Yunque y los coqu&#237s…

    Happy times, indeed. Apologies for going so far off-topic.


  4. threegirldad> I tried clicking on it again, and it took me straight through to the page, so I don’t know what the problem might be. I hope others didn’t have that difficulty!

    And I’m from Bayamón, born and raised. So great to hear from someone who knows what that means! :-)


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