Customer Service Update

It is now the weekend, and there’s been no word yet from Conciliar Press regarding a replacement copy for the sloppily bound and sloppily handled copy of the complete Orthodox Study Bible that they dispatched to Kevin Edgecomb, who (unknowingly) passed it along to me. I find this a bit disappointing, but perhaps they’re just a bit backed up and we’ll yet hear from them early next week. Here’s hoping!

Meanwhile, thanks to my sister’s superior technological bearings, I have been able to upload two high definition pictures of my copy of the OSB in which the damage may be appreciated in greater detail. Please click on the pictures below for the full size images:

9 responses to “Customer Service Update

  1. Ghastly! It’s even worse than I thought!!!

    Let’s give them a little longer. I’m sure they’re very busy. I’ll try to catch them on the Wireless Telephonic Unit during the week.



  2. I am so sorry you are having to put up with this. I know you were looking forward to reading this book, and it is frustrating to get a new book with a big ol’ mar in it. I like my friends with flaws — because they are all made in the image of God — but I don’t like books with flaws.

    This is why I like ordering from Amazon — it is (usually) cheaper and they are very good about allowing returns.

    Finally, I thought all books published by Nelson came with a guarantee. (Isn’t there a Nelson imprint on the spine? My OSB NT+Ps has one.) You might try contacting them — I bet Nelson would honor its guarantee.


  3. Kevin> Isn’t it terrible? I try to look at the book, but invariably find myself examining the gash. For shame!

    And yes, I do imagine, as I said above, that they’re a bit backed up. After all, they’re quite a small publishing company! But yes, if the Electronic Messaging System fails, the Wireless Telephonic Unit might become necessary.


    Iyov> I like your thinking on friends and books! ;-) And I appreciate your sympathy. I have bought hurt books many times in the past because, after all, there are limits to book budgets; but to expect a new book and get a damaged ones is distressing. Hopefully it won’t be long before all is solved!

    And thanks for the thought about the Nelson imprint; if all else fails with Conciliar Press, that might indeed be the way to go!


  4. I’ve used the Electronic Post Apparatus to contact Nelson, too. We’ll see. Tomorrow I’ll call Conciliar and see what’s up. They can be busy, but it’s been long enough.


  5. Joe> No, they never did! Kevin just gave up on them. I might still give them a call. Galling, huh?


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