On the Day of the Lord’s Glorious Resurrection


Most glorious Lord of lyfe, that on this day,
Didst make thy triumph ouer death and sin:
and hauing harrowd hell, didst bring away
captiuity thence captiue vs to win:
This ioyous day, deare Lord, with ioy begin,
and grant that we for whom thou diddest dye
being with thy deare blood clene washt from sin,
may liue for euer in felicity.
And that thy loue we weighing worthily,
may likewise loue thee for the same againe:
and for thy sake that all lyke deare didst buy,
with loue may one another entertayne.
So let vs loue, deare loue, lyke as we ought,
loue is the lesson which the Lord vs taught.

From Edmund Spenser’s 1595
Amoretti; quoted from the Oxford
edition of the Poetical Works.

6 responses to “On the Day of the Lord’s Glorious Resurrection

  1. Excellent, and since you bring up Spenser, I encourage you to blog the whole Faerie Queene, stanza by stanza.

    Speaking of big books, whatever happened with your messed up copy of the OSB? Did Nelson and Conciliar make you whole? I’m eager to hear the end of the story.


  2. Oh, Iyov! Why must you tempt me so! ;-) Actually, my own inclination would be to blog through The Shepheardes Calender first (i.e., the new Bucolics), and then through The Fairie Queene (i.e., The new Aeneid), to hone my Virgilian interpretation of the divine Edmund. (Oh, bliss! Oh, dorkery!)

    Meanwhile, I have no idea what’s the status with Conciliar. I imagine they were closed for Holy Week anyway, and the past week has been mostly one of recovery, so I haven’t pursued the matter further (and to my knowledge, neither has Kevin). We’ll see what comes of it this week!


  3. Hi Estaban, you once mentioned Herschel’s The Prophets being put into one volume like von Rad’s OT Theology is. Would you recommend Herschel’s book or is there another to consider on the Prophets? Thanks, Brian


  4. Brian> I would absolutely recommend it. No work is more consistently excellent on the subject, and Heschel has exercised tremendous influence on my own thinking on the prophetic tradition. I cannot recommend it highly enough!


  5. Thanks Estaban, I got a fantastic $50 gift card to Amazon and will add Herschel to the list – otherwise been having a hard time deciding what I want to get! I am a pastor, scholar wannabe, and missionary so imagine trying to pick out books with that mix! Ha!


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