Customer Service Update, Part Two

A number of you have inquired over the past few weeks about the badly damaged copy of the complete Orthodox Study Bible which I received a while back (see the reports, with grievous pictures, here and here), and whether Conciliar Press ever replied to Kevin Edgecomb’s communications regarding this matter. As far as I know, Conciliar Press did not, in fact, ever reply to Kevin despite his having contacted them more than once. This is a shame, given that our good friend Mr Edgecomb did not buy from them just one, but rather two copies of the OSB at full price, and that his payments were not declined or otherwise returnedall of which would normally make him, one thinks, a valued customer deserving of every attention.

Finally, I decided to call Conciliar Press myself a couple of weeks ago and ask how to go about returning a damaged copy of the OSB. The very polite lady who answered the phone, upon learning of the ghastly gash that disfigured my copy, apologized for the defect and promptly gave me the address to which I could send the damaged copy in exchange for a new, hopefully pristine one. I finally sent off the defective book via US Mail last Wednesday, June 4, and the Delivery Confirmation report states that the package was last seen in Richmond, CA 94804 as of June 11, 2008; if all goes well, I expect to find upon my return a new copy of the OSB, this time free from every kind of unacceptable manufacture and binding defect. As for defects of other sorts that the book may or may not have, I continue to be engaged in copious notetaking as I explore the particulars of that volume thanks to another specimen available to me at my current location.

More as things develop!


4 responses to “Customer Service Update, Part Two

  1. I’m glad to hear that you have a replacement on the way. I’ll be even more glad when you actually post your review!!!


  2. We’ll see what happens. I certainly never heard anything back from them or from the publisher.

    I’ll be happy that it’s finally resolved, though not too keen on ordering anything from either company again.


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