Random Updates from the Northern Wilderness

  • In news that will undoubtedly cause the Irreverend Mr Ker to have a string of fits of hysteria, my venerable (and radically cool) glasses finally broke. Thanks to the good offices of Elmer’s Super Glue I have been able to salvage them temporarily, but I’m afraid that I will have to altogether replace them within the next few months. This fills me with great distress, since the last time I was at the eyeglass shop, no model like unto them could be found anywhere.
  • In news that will make Dr Defiance squee with delight, I have chosen to eliminate my signature short beard, but have kept my sideburns. I fear, however, that now my appearance resembles that of the ignoble Rev Mr Tilling (seen here in a stock photo). No matter: this is, after all, the first step of my brilliant plan to one day usurp the place of Jim West. By eliminating my beard, I have automatically made myself eligible for the position of associate pastor at Jim’s church. Once voted in (for no congregation has ever been known to resist my charms), I shall reveal myself as a BAR-loving maximalist, a rabid fundamentalist, and a believer in centralized denominationalism, all of which will cause Jim to disintegrate into the ether in his fury. After this, I shall at last be able to lay hold of the title Dr Defiance myself, and enjoy the fruit of my exploits. (In case you didn’t know, this title, which is the terror of Biblioblogdom, is passed on from generation to generation rather like that of the Dread Pirate Roberts, but by means of methods more closely resembling those that lay behind the succession of Roman Emperors.)
  • The saving grace of these internet-less hinterlands is a fantastic (if small) used book shop where I have been able to obtain a series of most interesting titles for no more than $3 USD each. Among my better finds are Douglas Bush’s older (but still authoritative) study Mythology and the Renaissance Tradition in English Poetry; a pristine copy of Hart’s Rules for Compositors and Readers; and The Groucho Letters: Letters from and to Groucho Marx. I have read the latter title with particular delight, and I foresee in the immediate future of The Voice of Stefan a feature entitled “Marxist Quote of the Week.” My impressions of yet another volume you will read in the near future.
  • My Michigan sojourn shall come to an end on Wednesday, July 16, after which date I intend to reclaim my rightfully earned place on Biblioblogs.com and Jim West’s blogroll. Of course, it may take me a few days to get down to business, as I must yet read the 1,200+ posts that you, my gentle snowflakes, have produced in the meantime. (Seriously, people!) Well, at least I have kept up with my buddy Nick Norelli’s blog, so that’s nearly 150 less messages to read (but I must yet comment!).

4 responses to “Random Updates from the Northern Wilderness

  1. I am both honored and disturbed that you’ve kept up without comment. Drop the occasional papal encyclical and let a brother know you’re around!


  2. well it’s the 16th and as I presumed, you’re dead.

    as you read this from the beyond- say hi to Zwingli!


  3. Nick> I predict that there shall be many papal encyclicals to come!

    David> Of course! After all, you're every bit as handsome as Dan Aykroyd. ;-)

    And Jim I answered in the following post, of course!


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