Thank You, Rob!

I owe a long overdue thank you to Rob Bradshaw for sending along a surplus copy of Volume XVIII of the journal Vox Evangelica, which contains the following articles:

  • David F. Wright, “One Baptism or Two? Reflections on the History of Christian Baptism,” Vox Evangelica 18 (1988): 7-23.
  • Michael Parsons, “‘In Christ’ in Paul,” Vox Evangelica 18 (1988): 25-44.
  • Jonathan Terino, “A Text Linguistic Study of the Jacob Narrative,” Vox Evangelica 18 (1988): 45-62.
  • Howard C. Bigg, “The Present State of the Q Hypothesis,” Vox Evangelica 18 (1988): 63-73.
  • H.D. McDonald, “The Symbolic Christology of Paul Tillich,” Vox Evangelica 18 (1988): 75-88.
  • Michaels Parsons, “Slavery and the New Testament: Equality and Submissiveness,” Vox Evangelica 18 (1988): 90-96.

Rob is currently engaged in the digitization of the entire run of this journal (1962-1997), which is sure to enrich his already quite solvent digital archives:

Each of Rob’s sites is a veritable treasure trove of digital articles, together with bibliographical items and links to other materials onlinein short, a researcher’s paradise! So again, many thanks to Rob for his kindness in sending me this number of Vox Evangelica, and indeed for his indefatigable labors to make everyone’s research a little easier. And if you, O reader, wish to lend Rob a hand in his herculean endeavors, check out the painless ways in which you can support his sites.

3 responses to “Thank You, Rob!

  1. The Parsons and McDonald essays look especially interesting. I hope you blog about some of them.


  2. I don’t know Nick Norelli, but I certainly agree with him. Dude, that Parsons article sounds awesome [in a related topic, I was having that discussion recently when I was discussing whether the civil rights movement can be considered part of what we call “morality politics”), believe me…I’m VERY interested.

    In an unrelated topic, dude, where are the pics you took in Puerto Rico? Weren’t you supposed to post them or at least send them to me? I’d ask in a more private setting but you give me no choice, I’ve been calling you for a month!!!!!


  3. Nick> I don't plan on blogging through these articles, actually, but do not despair: as I mentioned in post, Rob is working on putting the entire run of this journal online, and he's up to volume XIV! So the articles will be available for your reading pleasure sometime in the near future.

    Juhem> I'm all for people being excited about Pauline theology, but I think you might misunderstand what Parson's article is about: he explores the meaning of the expression "in Christ" in St Paul's writings (which is, some of us believe, central to St Paul's teaching). So if after this you're still gung-ho about it, well, you can borrow the journal next time you're around here! ;-)

    And dude, you always call when I'm busy. ;-) Anyway, I don't recall taking any pictures when we you were here; the reason I'm reasonably certain of this is because I don't own a camera. But I do recall pictures being taken, and since neither you nor I have them, this can only mean that it was Vanessa who took them. So let's ask her!


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