Seven Recent Posts of Interest

  • Justin Taylor announces that Crossway has made available the full text and notes of the Book of Jonah from the forthcoming ESV Study Bible. He also reprints an interview with Mark Futato, who is responsible for the study notes on this book. Now all we need is someone with expertise in the Hebrew Bible to produce a comparative review of Jonah in the ESV and the NLT Study Bibles!
  • And speaking of people eminently well suited for that task, the amazing John Hobbins has recently offered a typically brilliant post on How to Read the Book of Proverbs. No less brilliant, and therefore also not to be missed, is his post Psalm 8:6a in Hebrew and Greek: An Introduction.
  • Richard Barrett has posted the first part of his translation of a French article by the late Protopresbyter John Meyendorff: The Image of Christ according to Theodore the Studite. I have greatly enjoyed discovering this article through Richard’s wholly excellent translation. He has also posted an astonishingly thorough review of the most recent recent recording by Cappella Romana, The Divine Liturgy in English. Richard, a fellow cantor, also offers in this post some eminently sensible thoughts on the subject of Orthodox liturgical singing in English, which are bound to be of great interest to many.
  • And last but not least, my superfriend Juhem Navarro shares a most interesting perspective on tolerance and P. Z. Myers’ “Crackergate” drawing, of all things, on personal experience.

7 responses to “Seven Recent Posts of Interest

  1. “Astonishingly thorough”? Aw, shucks. I felt like I barely scratched the surface.

    Glad you found it (and the Meyendorff article) to be of interest!



  2. I’m intrigued by your challenge for someone with Hebrew Bible expertise to do a comparative review of the ESV and NLT study bible versions of Jonah. If only I had an NLT study bible, I’d get right on it. For now, I’ll just look over this sample from the ESV and give an opinion on that in a few days on my blog. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  3. Trevor> Thankfully, everyone seems to have ignored your irrelevant observation, which reaction it abundantly deserved. Nothing to see here, folks; move along. ;-)

    Richard> Again I say, astonishingly thorough! And, clearly, in a review article you only can scratch the surface, but you can either do it well or not. The tell-tale sign that it has been done well is that it leaves you hungry for more–and inasmuch as previously I didn't care one whit about this recording, but now just can't wait to get my hands on one, I'm inclined to say you did a superb job. :-) Many thanks for this, and indeed for the article!

    Douglas> When I saw your message I thought that maybe we could get someone to scan and send you a .pdf of Jonah in the NLTSB, but I see Laura has already offered to send you a review copy. (Thanks, Laura, for keeping up with comments!) I'm very much looking forward your comparative review!


  4. Well, heck. Hopefully the review’s abbreviated-for-print version which will be appearing sometime in the near future will generate a similar reaction.

    Guess I gotta actually finish translating that article now…



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