Blog Day 2008

For reasons which I fail to comprehend, the Irreverend Mr Ker has tagged me to participate in Blog Day 2008, which as far as I can tell is nothing but a wicked ploy to inflict a meme on every single blogger on the planet. While it is clear that the intent behind this gimmick is thoroughly evil, it so happens that there are a few blogs that I have been meaning to recommend to the masses, and I will therefore take this opportunity to do so. (Take that, vile schemers!) Here are my choices:

  • Manuel Rojas’ Estudios bíblicos. Manuel, a Baptist pastor and seminary professor in Perú, authors the only Spanish-language Biblioblog of which I’m aware. His posts usually address questions of exegetical method, and one hopes that his careful and well thought out approach to these matters will one day become commonplace in Latin American evangelical Christianity. Besides, he shares my boundless admiration for the infallible Moisés Silva; is he not, then, one of the enlightened?
  • Sr Macrina Walker’s A Vow of Conversation. Sister Macrina, a Cistercian monastic in the Netherlands, authors what is perhaps the finest theological blog I have had the pleasure to read. If you are not yet acquainted with it (and I can’t imagine that this is true of very many people!), I encourage you to stop reading The Voice of Stefan altogether and dedicate your time and undivided attention to it. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Charles Wiese’s The Lamb on the Altar. My friend and former co-worker Charles, a confessional Lutheran, has recently started a blog in which he seeks to understand the significance of the (eucharistic) centrality of “the Lamb who was slain” for the whole of theology and of life. Even when I disagree with his take on one subject or another, I never fail to be personally challenged by Charles’ insistent pointing to the Lamb of God at the center of all things.
  • Bob and Bill Mounce, Support Ministry. I’m listing this because I was not aware before this week that the Mounces had a blog. Their posts usually focus on simple exegetical issues and insights, and seem directed to students and pastors wondering how to relate the skills they learned in their biblical languages and exegesis courses to ministry.

Very well then, I have done my part! Any and all wishing to take part of the Blog Day 2008 festivities may do so by posting a list of 5 new blogs which they find interesting. Oh, and don’t forget to link to the Blog Day 2008 Technorati tag!


6 responses to “Blog Day 2008

  1. Really, Esteban, what am I supposed to say in response to such flattery? And I didn’t even send you a birthday present! But thanks for the link and the kind words.


  2. Dear Sister Macrina! I assure you that there is no flattery involved; my praise is very sincere. :-) Thank you for your wonderful blog, which never fails to provide such excellent food for thought, and even for contemplation.

    Manuel, al contrario, gracias a ti por tu «blog», que espero contribuya grande y positivamente a la causa del Evangelio en América Latina. Como dice el apóstol san Pablo, es fundamental que aquellos que quieren ser obreros no avergonzados usen bien la palabra de verdad; tu «blog» provee excelentes herramientas para que aquellos que las empleen cumplan plenamente el mandato apostólico. ¡Dios nos mande muchos mas como tú!

    Gracias también por los enlaces, pero noto que ninguno de los «blogs» que mencionas está dedicado a los estudios bíblicos técnicos tan meticulosamente como lo está el tuyo, de modo que aú mantengo que el tuyo es el único «biblioblog» en español que conozco. :-)


  3. Hola Esteban y Manuel gracias por compartir estos materiales. Dios los acompañe en la tarea de la predicación del Evangelio.
    Un abrazo Hugo Moreyra
    Con afecto cristiano


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