CTS Names New President

It has just come to my attention that biblical scholar Alice W. Hunt has been named as the 12th President of the Chicago Theological Seminary. She succeeds renown theologian Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, who after 10 years at the helm of that distinguished institution has decided to return to full-time teaching.

Dr Hunt has served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies at her alma mater, Vanderbilt Divinity School, since 2001. She sits on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Religion, and on the Steering Committee of the Chief Academic Officers Society of the Association of Theological Schools. Her 2006 book Missing Priests: The Zadokites in Tradition and History, by all accounts an important contribution to the literature, may be previewed here, with reviews available here, here, and here.

Further details about Dr Hunt’s appointment may be read at the seminary’s Presidential Search Homepage. Congratulations to CTS in this felicitous choice, and to Dr Hunt on her new position, into which she will be installed this Fall.


2 responses to “CTS Names New President

  1. This news is certainly deserving of your blog. Thanks for posting on CTS’s fine appointment of Dr. Hunt, who, I must add, is an SBC FMB MK. Those of us who are that also will understand. The rest of us might like to know this:

    “My passion always came from questions,” she said. “A theological education allowed me to articulate my questions.”

    She enrolled at Vanderbilt University Divinity School and took a class with renowned biblical scholar Renita Weems, who did not satisfy Hunt’s curiosity but amplified it.

    “How did we get this Bible?” Hunt recalls wondering. “Why does this translation say it differently than that? The more I got, the more I wanted.”

    At Vanderbilt, Hunt mastered new languages, including biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek—some of them equally archaic as the computer codes she had learned.

    She published her doctoral thesis on ways of understanding the role of the priesthoods of ancient Israel and has taught courses on contemporary methods of biblical interpretation, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Song of Songs. In 2001, she became the divinity school’s academic dean. Still at Vanderbilt, she is currently leading a trip to Mexico to explore how the Bible speaks to the Immigration issue.

    (BTW, I read your more than deserved endorsements on the sidebar there and remember saying something like that [you “cleverest blogger in the universe“] once upon a time.)


  2. Now, I didn’t know that about you, Kurk! Clearly this means we must hang out sometime and catch up over a beer, or any other drink of your choice.

    Thanks for the link to this article, published, alas, last May! I just read about it all in the seminary newsletter, which arrived in the mail on Tuesday. Clearly I need to be more in the loop–but so does the rest of Biblioblogdom, because as far as I can recall, no one else picked this up. (But a couple of people did write about Serene Jones becoming the new president of Union Seminary in New York.)

    Oh, and thanks also for reminding me of your glowing endorsement–I have duly included it in the sidebar. ;-)


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