"La Biblia de Nuestro Pueblo" Now Available in the US

The current issue of the bilingual Revista Maryknoll features an article announcing that Orbis Books has published La Biblia de Nuestro Pueblo for the US market. This enormously popular Bible, which sold 400,000 copies in but a year and a half, is the Latin American edition of La Biblia del Peregrino, a translation produced by the late great biblical scholar and Hebraist extraordinaire Luis Alonso-Schökel, SJ, with the assistance of a handful of collaborators. For this edition, Schökel’s text has been conformed to Latin American Spanish, and the introductions and annotations adapted for pastoral use, by an international team of experts. The Orbis Books hardcover edition sells for a mere $15 USD, which will undoubtedly facilitate its distribution among Spanish-speaking Roman Catholics (and others) in the US.

The full text of the translation and annotations is also available online for free (Old Testament, New Testament). I haven’t spent much time reading the Latin American edition, but I’m very well acquainted with La Biblia del Peregrino, which I consider to be perhaps the finest and most literarily beautiful Spanish translation of the Bible. (Read an excerpt from the translator’s introduction here.) Since I know that many of my readers lack a frame of reference to evaluate and “place” Spanish translations, I venture the suggestion that La Biblia del Peregrino is the counterpart of the Revised English Bible, whereas its predecessor, Alonso-Schökel and Mateos’ 1975 Nueva Biblia Española, is the counterpart of the earlier New English Bible. In any event, that this well-received translation is now available in the US is very welcome news indeed, and I sincerely hope that it will find as wide a readership there as it has found elsewhere in the Americas.


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