Eschatology Week: Contra Errores Dispensationalistorum

Yes, I am aware that it is now another week than the one just ended, but since I am not yet done posting on eschatological subjects, I have decided to apply a non-literal hermeneutic to the term “week” (cf. Daniel 9:24-27) and proceed unmolested. If, however, you can’t live without a harmonizing explanation, please note that I didn’t announce Eschatology Week until last Tuesday, and so, strictly speaking, I have until tomorrow to address the subject!

Be that as it may, my friend Shawn Anderson has posted the “Disputation of on the Power and Efficacy of Dispensationalism, or, The Ninety-Five Theses Against Dispensationalism,” the full text of which may also be accessed at the following address:

Ah, the Dispensational-Covenantal Wars live on! The “theses” address not only eschatological and hermeneutical subjects, but also matters of soteriology related to the so-called “lordship salvation” controversy. On the whole the “theses” seem sound to me, but they are by-and-large concerned with “classical” and “revised” dispensationalism, taking no account whatever of the “progressive” dispensationalism formulated over the past 20 years by various scholars of that tradition (Blasing, Bock, Pate, Saucy, Hoch, Turner, etc.). But of course, neither do the “classical” and “revised” contingent, as evidenced by the recent Summit Statement of the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics, and to which Manuel and, amazingly, N. T. Wrong alerted us earlier.


4 responses to “Eschatology Week: Contra Errores Dispensationalistorum

  1. Thanks for inadvertently reminding me to add Dispensationalism to my list of things to tackle in Lecture #5 (on Revivalism, etc.) of my series on Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy.


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