Jim West’s Desktop Challenge

While I am loath to give evil memes the light of day, Jim West, the Boss Tweed of Biblioblogdom, has called upon his minions to provide a screenshot of their computer desktop and thus satisfy his morbid curiosity. Since, for good or ill, I am counted among such, here it is:

The picture is of the catholicon of the Visoki Dečani Monastery in Kosovo, Serbia. The monastery was founded in 1327 by my patron saint, the Serbian king and martyr St. Stefan of Dečani, whose feast is next Monday, November 11/24. The remarkable 14th-century monastery church survives intact from the time of its foundation, and was placed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2004. The monastery brotherhood has produced a beautiful recording of the Supplicatory Canon to St Stefan of Dečani; listening samples are available on the monastery website, and the CD may be purchased from the Narrow Path Bookstore in Lansing, IL. Свети, благоверни краљу Стефане, моли Бога за нас!

(Incidentally, the Rev Dr West seems to be rooting for my demise. I’m sorry to disappoint him, but I am not dead, nor do I post once a month, nor indeed is my blog “rancid bread for dinner” (!), as he asserts. I briefly entertained the thought of unleashing my fan club on him, but as the eminent Rt. Rev. Dr. N. T. Wrong of Durham, North Carolina, found out, this is far too ghastly a fate for anyone!)


13 responses to “Jim West’s Desktop Challenge

  1. Son, the icon that says do_not_react is that your electronic copy of _Dare to Discipline_? :-)

    BTW your mother and sisters feature prominently on my backdrop, too bad you missed the photo shoot.


  2. Good, I’m off the hook. Now you can finally get over your angst against me for inflicting you with a meme–which I thought was relatively painless and relevant–and place your consternation onto Rev Dr Jim West.

    Nice post. A creative way to write something in keeping with the subject matter of your blog.


  3. Father! You have visited my blog! I'm feeling all kinds of paterno-filial affirmations at the moment. It is indeed a shame I had to miss the photo shoot; maybe we can get our picture taken on Christmas? ;-)

    Jeff> Oh, no, mister! Not so quick–you are still under the crushing weight of your guilt for what you did to me. I have plenty of outrage to go around, so addressing some elsewhere won't take away from the portion that is rightfully yours! ;-) Also, many thanks–when I do post one of those vile things, I do it because I see a change to write something interesting, but a little outside my usual mold.

    Mimi> Thank you! As for Feast Day plans, the only thing scheduled is to go to Church, but it is the patronal feast of one of the local Serbian parishes in Detroit, so it will be very nice. :-)

    Jim> Well, here's your comment:

    "estee you're a treasure and i hope you live till at least im gone.

    and i love the photo."

    Aww, shucks! I could really feel the love. :-)

    (Meanwhile, the inflexibility of Blogger's comment platform is the only reason that ever makes me think of switching to WordPress.)

    Bishop Wrong> They sure are a small but committed bunch–and again, a little too intent on hanging, drawing and quartering. Well, I figure that whoever they get to deserved such a fate. ;-)


  4. Oh son, I visit here often. I enjoyed your more eschatological post. You seem to have many, many cyber-friends. Makes a parent proud. I’m sitting in a coffee shop with your sister who is carefully dismantling a gingerbread man. She’s still in denial about having an older brother – but I’m sure she’ll come around. Keep up the good work, your family is proud of you.


  5. You still haven’t posted anything new. Maybe your blog actually is defunct?

    Or maybe you’ve become one of those bloggers who only post when they have memes to do? :P


  6. Father> You visit here often? I am touched! See, I even posted a further eschatological bit today in your honor and for your reading pleasure. ;-)

    As for my sister, yes, the poor darling shall doubtless come around. We'll smother her with family love until she does!

    Oh, and James Dobson, Ph.D., is against my religion, but then surely you know that!

    Aaron> It was indeed. Many thanks!

    Liz> Well, I think there's a new post up like RIGHT NOW. So there. I don't know what's with you people and declaring my blog defunct. :-P


  7. I heard that cry for WordPress freedom! Come join us and we will be brothers rather than sworn enemies. Plus in two days, WordPress is added threaded commenting on top of all the other glories. And we now have blavatars so my little hippo shows up in the address line when you visit my blog. I’d love to see your smirking face up there.

    Go toward the light… Go toward the light…


  8. Oh, my beloved David! Almost thou persuadest me. Threaded commenting like they have on LiveJournal would seal the deal for me. I would, indeed, be obligated to switch. But alas, it shall have to wait until I have reliable internet again–I can’t imagine doing the switch at the mall food court!


  9. Here’s a thought, return to livejournal! :P And I see the post. I still think you might become one of those bloggers who posts memes every other post. Maybe you should find some quizzes to do and post?


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