Two Blogs of Note

It is my distinct privilege to mention here two noteworthy blogs:

1) My good friend Aaron Taylor, who (in accordance with the Irreverend Mr Ker’s pathology of the long slide down the long tail) has done his time reading and commenting on blogs, has at long last decided to stake a claim on a corner of the blogosphere which he has named Logismoi. Aaron is an Orthodox Christian resident in Oklahoma, and is currently working on his master’s thesis in Moral Theology for the Unversity of Thessaloniki. He has been posting rather regularly over the past couple of weeks; of particular interest to my inner Classicist are his posts on “lovecraft” in Catullus and St Pachomius the Great. I look forward to many more such posts, and I enthusiastically recommend his blog to all.

2) I recently learned that my former stomping grounds, Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has launched a blog entitled BBH Church Connection. The main writer for the blog is my dear friend and former co-worker Louis McBride, whose handsome likeness is prominently diplayed on the blog’s sidebar. Louis, one of the coolest people alive, holds an MA in Church History from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. The blog features news about titles and authors accross the theological publishing spectrum, but naturally with an emphasis on Baker new releases; also featured are news of special sales at Baker Book House, one of the finest theological bookstores in the country. It is hoped that, in the future, features such as author interviews and book reviews will be also made available on the blog. And if you enjoy reading the Voice of Stefan, be sure to add the BBH Church Connection blog to your feed aggregator, as I will be contributing to that blog from time to time!

And before I forget, I should like to publicly thank Louis for his kind gift of a copy of Chrys Caragounis’ The Development of Greek and the New Testament, which I have been reading with a great deal of (annoyance and) interest.

Well, folks, enjoy these fine new blogs!


6 responses to “Two Blogs of Note

  1. Kevin> That hoopy Aaron, much like you, is definitely a frood who knows where his towel is!

    Aaron> I saw, and I was deeply moved. :-)


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