An Announcement that Will Shake Biblioblogdom to Its Very Foundations

No, I’m not talking about the fact that Irreverend Mr Ker has named me one of the most dangerous Bible bloggers of 2008—though, as I noted there, I am very pleased that the very great dangers I pose to biblioblogging civilization have been recognized at long last. Nor am I talking about the auspicious reappearance of the organigram of the World Wide Blogging Syndicate, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jim West is the Boss Tweed of Biblioblogdom. What is it, then? Well, my gentle snowflakes, brace yourselves. I hereby announce my decision to switch to WordPress effective on the implementation of threaded comments in that blogging platform.

It is well known, of course, that I have been greatly tempted to do this in the past, but my resistance to change is such that I simply could not bring myself to do it in spite of the constant pleas of many. Among the chief moaners advocates of such a change are Nick Norelli and David Ker. The Irreverend Mr Ker has often accused me of anti-Third World bias pointed out that the Blogger platform is more difficult to access from underdeveloped countries, for which observation I’m very thankful. And I likewise remain deeply grateful to Nick, who routinely threw a hissy fit suspended his usual embargo on Blogger blogs to comment here. His whining kindness has paid off handsomely in the end.

I must emphasize, however, that this decision is contingent on the implementation of threaded comments on WordPress. I cannot move for any less than that. When the time is fulfilled, then, I will make a final announcement here, and direct all to The Voice of Stefan‘s new address so that those so inclined may update their bookmarks and feed aggregators.

8 responses to “An Announcement that Will Shake Biblioblogdom to Its Very Foundations

  1. If ever there was any doubt in the existence of a benevolent God it has been laid to rest with this announcement! In the words of the Psalmist:

    Praise the Lord!
    Praise God in his sanctuary;
    praise him in nhis mighty heavens!
    Praise him for his omighty deeds;
    praise him according to his excellent pgreatness!
    Praise him with qtrumpet sound;
    praise him with lute and harp!
    Praise him with tambourine and dance;
    praise him with strings and pipe!
    Praise him with sounding cymbals;
    praise him with loud clashing cymbals!
    Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!
    Praise the Lord!

    – Psalm 150


  2. We read “Will Shake” in your title and thought you’d gone literary on us. I’m glad you’re more dangerous than William Shakespeare will ever be.


  3. Manuel, me haces sonar como líder de culto. ;-)

    Kurk> Forget the dramatically overrated Shakespeare! Give me Spenser instead any day. There's some danger for you!

    Dave> Well, merry Christmas, then! They better come through with it, because let me tell you, I agonized even unto death over this decision, inasmuch as it involved giving into your promptings. ;-)


  4. Shaken not stirred.

    But who is “stsauv” aka St. Sauv, in the verification? I’m only a SBCer, I don’t know your twenty-seven Marys, Thomases, and Sauvs?

    Chuck Grantham


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