Edgecomb on the "Historical Pharisees"

Our good friend Kevin Edgecomb, in a welcome burst of autokeraphonia (his delightful term), comments:

“Last summer I worked up a series of posts (Notes on Pharisees; The Gospels on the Pharisees, Parts I, II, III, IV, V, and VI) investigating the treatment of the Pharisees and Sadducees in the Gospels, inspired by the Jacob Neusner and Bruce Chilton-edited In Quest of the Historical Pharisees (Baylor University Press, 2007). The book is required reading along with Saldarini’s. They are the two most recent, most in-depth treatments on what is known about these complex groups.”

Please do yourselves the favor to read Kevin’s characteristically excellent posts on the subject. Regarding the book In Quest of the Historical Pharisees, I will regrettably have to let Kevin’s recommendation stand without further observations. This is because its publishers, in spite of my warm hospitality, apparently didn’t think The Voice of Stefan was good enough for them to send along the review copy I requested. As a result of this, then, I am unable to comment.

4 responses to “Edgecomb on the "Historical Pharisees"

  1. Well, I only buy books that have been explicitly recommended on The Voice of Stefan, so I’m afraid Baylor won’t be getting my book money. They may well wind up with some tuition money from me one of these days, however!


  2. Baylor snubbed me as well. I requested the festschrift in honor of Hurtado and Segal and was declined because I had requested it too late! For the record, I asked a measly 6 months after its publication…


  3. My cold made me sloppy. The title is actually, as one can see by clicking the link, and as my eyes can plainly see on the bookshelf, In Quest of the Historical Pharisees. People would have a better chance finding used copies with the correct title!


  4. Aaron> Well, as I too only buy books that have been explicitly recommended on The Voice of Stefan, I'm afraid they won't be getting my book money, either! ;-) It's quite okay if you give your tuition money to the University, though: I'm certain that the academic departments have very little to do with the evildoers over at the Press.

    Nick> Ah, so I am not the only one affected by their wicked deeds! They really need to turn from their conduct and live. (6 months is too late? Seriously?)

    Kevin> I have made the correction, but only with great reluctance. Feel better soon, my friend!


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