And the Winner Is…

…Peter Lopez of Beauty of the Bible! Peter didn’t get three entries for announcing the giveaway in two different blogs, as he suggested, but his eagerness must not have tempted the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing, for in the end his name was clearly written on the winning ballot. (Sorry, no dangling chads here, folks.) So, congratulations to Peter! I will be mailing the book out to him shortly, though I might punish him by delaying all shipping activities a day or two on account of his grievous misspelling of my last name. ;-)

11 responses to “And the Winner Is…

  1. Thank you, and my apologies for the spelling error. I am accustomed to the Mexican/Tex-Mex spelling. I will give myself the 39 lashes and save you the trouble.


  2. You are quite welcome. I’m just thrilled to send the book; maybe I should do one of these giveaways every week!

    And no worries about the last name. Be sure to send pictures of the lashing, though. ;-)


  3. So all one had to do was to comment, with “danging” misspellings? ¡Congrats, Mr. Lopes! Generous, Mr. Esteban “Chad” Vázquez.


  4. I suppose congratulations are in order but I cannot in good conscience offer them since I am disgusted at the outcome of this sham of a giveaway! ;-)


  5. Nick> Sham?! I will have you know that the winning ticket was drawn by a completely independent third party who works for no more than the minimum wage. ;-)

    Steph> Fantasticity. That's all I have to say.

    Chuck> You baffle me, and that continually. ;-)


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