Felix Culpa on the the OSB, Pars Quarta

A short few days after my evocative mention of the much-missed author of the best “Orthodox blog” in existence, the estimable Felix Culpa, we have gladly witnessed his return to the blogosphere (and with a vengeancewitness his seven posts in a short two days!). In his most recent post, he has taken up again his serial review of the lamentable Orthodox Study Bible, this time focusing on its shoddy treatment of Genesis 49:10, which is regarded as one of the pivotal Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament by both the Fathers and the Liturgy. As always, his post makes for required reading.

For my part, I expect to celebrate the return of Felix Culpa to the blogosphere by posting in the near future my long overdue treatment of the OSB’s fallacious (mis)translation of λειτουργέω and λειτουργία, which I introduced in an earlier post.

5 responses to “Felix Culpa on the the OSB, Pars Quarta

  1. Estoy a la expectativa, para leer los resultados de tu pericia con λειτουργέω y λειτουργία.


  2. On the subject of Americanist ‘translations’ of terms, didn’t Archbishop Chrysostomos write something about the convention of referring to the painting of icons as ‘writing’?


  3. Manuel> Pues en verdad no habrá mucho que ver, porque la tesis ya esta formulada en mi mensaje anterior: la traducción de _leitourgew_ por «ministrar litúrgicamente» es falaz. Lo que me falta es ver cuantas veces la OSB utiliza esta mala traducción en su texto y notas.

    Aaron> Actually, I don't recall whether I've read any comments by Archbishop Chrysostomos on this particular issue, though I do vaguely recall an article on such Americanist conventions (inventions, really). If you happened to find a bibliographical reference for this, I would be most grateful!


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