A Scriptural Index to the Homilies in the Prolog of Ochrid

Things may have been a bit quiet around here for several weeks, but do not mistake this for a sign of inactivity: there’s work, of course, and the increased frequency of services during the Lenten season, but I have also been occupied by a number of projects that I have finally had the chance to tackle. For example, this morning I finished at long last the “Scriptural Index to the Homilies in the Prolog of Ohrid,” which is now available as a static page here at The Voice of Stefan:


There you will find a very brief introduction to the index, so I will avoid repeating myself here. I stated to compile this after many unsuccessful attempts to find one homily or another that I was certain I had read before in the Prolog. I have already consulted the index innumerable times during its various stages of preparation, and I hope it will be as helpful to others as it has been to me personally.