A Scriptural Index to the Homilies in the Prolog of Ochrid

Things may have been a bit quiet around here for several weeks, but do not mistake this for a sign of inactivity: there’s work, of course, and the increased frequency of services during the Lenten season, but I have also been occupied by a number of projects that I have finally had the chance to tackle. For example, this morning I finished at long last the “Scriptural Index to the Homilies in the Prolog of Ohrid,” which is now available as a static page here at The Voice of Stefan:


There you will find a very brief introduction to the index, so I will avoid repeating myself here. I stated to compile this after many unsuccessful attempts to find one homily or another that I was certain I had read before in the Prolog. I have already consulted the index innumerable times during its various stages of preparation, and I hope it will be as helpful to others as it has been to me personally.

7 responses to “A Scriptural Index to the Homilies in the Prolog of Ochrid

  1. Thanks for this! I only wish the two-volume set of St Nikolai’s Homilies based on the Church year (not the homilies in the Prolog) was available at a better price. I was able to purchase it at St Tikhon’s a few months ago when I was there on pilgrimage but it cost $100! It is well worth it, but it would be great if it was cheaper so that more people could afford it.


  2. Aaron> Well, I don’t think many people have noticed, but at least if anyone does a Google search for an index to the homilies in the Prolog, they’ll get here! I’m just glad I don’t have to go through all 366 anymore just to find the one I’m looking for.

    Fr John> You and me both! I myself don’t own that set precisely because it is so expensive. I don’t know why those Lazarica Press books are so highly priced: even their edition Prolog is twice as expensive as the Sebastian Press one.


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