A Marvel Wrapped in a Wonder!

Today is the third “blogiversary” of The Voice of Stefan (see my first post here). To celebrate this auspicious day, I have thought it well to share with you, my gentle snowflakes, a marvel visited upon me a few months ago, while I indulged in the crassly mundane activity of eating some potato chips. Here, for your edification, is a picture of the prodigy:

Caution prevents me from pronouncing myself conclusively regarding the meaning of this strange and wondrous occurrence, though (as might be expected) I have some ideas about it. Its purpose, however, seems clear enough: the startling artifact pictured above will be coming soon to an eBay auction near you. I expect the bids to rise sufficiently to allow me to retire to a leisurely life of reading and blogging, since such items are known to be of the utmost interest to ecstatic enthusiasts, mesmerized mystics, fervent fideists, and the credulous alike.

18 responses to “A Marvel Wrapped in a Wonder!

  1. Friends, please! I understand the urge to label, but it is useless. Once the highest bidder has told us what the wondrous image represents, then well know for sure, and we will be able to say: “The market has spoken.”

    Nick> I have not vacuum-sealed it, but I might yet do it!


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  3. Happy Birthday!

    Also…this is now my second year…Here’s my first post EVER:

    Fear Mongering…Does that make me a Terrorist?

    “I’ve started a blog.”…I announce smiling brightly, as I enter a room of longtime friends and family. Their faces portray FEAR…”OH NO, what do we do NOW??? Even if we never speak to her again, we’ve known her far too long!” To this unspoken response I reply, still smiling,” Fear not, while the contents of my brain are totally blogable… I will never reveal my sources…even under threats of torture.” The second wave of facial response…”She used the ‘never’ word…How many times have we heard…never is a big, big word and lasts a long, long time…Can she really hold out that long???” Leaving the group to talk amongst themselves, I cheerfully retreat to my keyboard to begin…*; )

    Note to readers: Correct punctuation and spelling will be optional on this blog. If the inconsistancies change the meaning and intent…just make something up to your liking…creativity now thats an idea…


  4. actually your spud is joel when he’s assumed his true demonic form. for only a demon would and could say what he has said above.


  5. oh and happy blog i ver sary. (but why are you still in the millions on alexa?????? what gives?????? you’re way funner than norelli and prettier too)…


  6. You people are hopeless! Well, thanks all for the good wishes, anyway. :-)

    Matthew> $3?! How am I supposed to retire on THAT?!

    Joel> I knew you wanted Mark to be eliminated, but I didn’t know you had the same wishes for yourself!

    Jim> That does sound likely. I mean, it can’t be Zwingli — where’s the floppy hat?!

    And even though Nick is my brotha from anotha motha, I have to agree with you on both counts. ;-) As for my Alexa ranking, alas, my lot is not unlike that which befell Brunner simply because he was a contemporary of Barth.


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