A Wondrous Realization

My Michigan license plate, which I’ve had for a year now, has the following configuration:

P37 is, of course, the designation for a III/IV century manuscript containing the text of St Matthew 26:19-52, and housed at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

This unforeseen Michigan connection is surely a sign that I must focus my academic efforts on textual criticism, and especially on the text St Matthew 26:19-52 with particular reference to this manuscript.

Now the reason why I’ve had occasion to notice the configuration of my license plate is that my registration is due this coming Sunday, August 29. That, of course, is my birthday, which makes this a most auspicious season for the sign above to be revealed. “I am struck with great awe and wonder,” you say. “This is truly a wondrous occurrence. How can I fittingly respond to it?” I quite understand your reaction, my gentle snowflakes, and it is only because I know full well that an adequate response is essential to the integrity of such an experience that I dare to suggest:

My Amazon Wish List

There you will find a wholly appropriate outlet for your outburst of preternatural emotion, and the six convenient categories listed on the left side of the page effectively allow you to, as they say, pick your poison. Often a single purchase is sufficient, but more fervent types have suggested that sometimes two or even three purchases of this sort are necessary to sufficiently respond to the magnitude of the experience. But whether it’s one, two, or three, I sincerely hope that my wish list, humbly offered to you in an effort to help, will certainly accomplish the purpose for which I present it.

12 responses to “A Wondrous Realization

  1. You crack me up, man. It is (almost) worth making a purchase to ensure you are sufficiently affirmed to carry on. BTW, what ever became of the potato chip? BBTW, what made you choose “gentle snowflake” as a term of endearment for your readers? I’d like to hear the story.


  2. I’m amazed at how many of the books on your wish list that I own. I will, of course, be keeping them for myself, but when I read them, I’ll do so in honor of your birthday. ;-)


  3. Steve> Nice to hear from you! I had started to doubt that you were the gentlest of my snowflakes…

    As a matter of fact, you needn’t purchase anything from my Amazon wish list to affirm me, sufficiently or otherwise, so that I can carry on. There is, however, a certain discourse grammar of the Greek New Testament that would do the trick! Regarding the wondrous potato chip, it is sitting on one my bookshelves at the moment where it awaits thorough fossilization so it will be preserved for generations to come. And as for the “gentle snowflakes” bit, I owe it to the genius of Lewis Black, who used it in one of his stand-up shows. I would link to it, but it would doubtless offend the sensibilities of many.

    Jeff> Why, you say that like it’s a bad thing! ;-)


  4. Juhem> What are you talking about! I never ignore your voicemails. I just haven’t gotten around to calling you back since you left your last one last November. ;-) And thanks for the greeting!

    Jim> Thank you very much! And happy birthday to you too, old chap. ;-)


  5. Oh happy birthday. Where is the cake and ice cream? Pray tell, gentle blogger, what part of the Great Lake State do you have your abode? I have lived in the fair state off and on and have family their.


  6. Thanks, Doug! There was no cake, but ice cream made an appearance in the form of a cookies and cream milkshake after Church. More importantly, however, there was chicken.

    I make my abode in the immediate vicinity of Flint, Michigan. Should you ever find yourself around these parts, do let me know and we shall do coffee. :-)


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