Some More Highlights from the Blogroll, Conveniently Annotated and Expanded

Alas, my gentle snowflakes, my internet is broken once again. O woe! O sorrow! I should have liked to post this on Thursday, but the connection tragically quit working. Behold the trials we must endure! Be that as it may, I was able to glean the following jewels from the blogosphere before it all went haywire, and am delighted to share them with you:


9 responses to “Some More Highlights from the Blogroll, Conveniently Annotated and Expanded

  1. I heard Bishop Peter of Cleveland (ROCOR) just today make some remarks about the ‘news’ of fighting in the Holy Sepulchre that were very reminiscent of Sister Macrina’s. He also quoted Vladika Antony (Khrapovitsky) has having responded to reports of a similar incident in the 1930’s by saying, ‘Slava Bogu! I won’t be worried until they STOP fighting.’


  2. When I said ‘very reminiscent’, perhaps I should have said ‘very much in line with’. I don’t want to imply that he plagiarised her or even read her blog at all!


  3. Mike> Rest assured that it was only a typo, and that no such thoughts enter my mind concerning any of the Biblical books! ;-)

    Jim> You must be intently hoping for my demise, sir! Once again, I'm forced to comment that your reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. (Plus, I posted three other times this past week alone!)

    Aaron> How interesting! Bishop Peter is, of course, in a prime position to know and understand, as he was formerly the Administrator of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, the idea of Bishop Peter plagiarizing Sister Macrina amuses me to no end. ;-)


  4. Manuel> ¡Saludos, Manuel! Mi conexión de internet parece haberse arreglado, y espero poder comenzar a publicar de nuevo. ¡Dios te guarde!


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