Sundays with Silva: A Very Special Jubilee Edition

It is was barely one month ago today that we all rejoiced in the glorious proclamation of this Extraordinary Moisifical Jubilee Year, appointed to be observed on account of the 75th birthday of Our Infallible Hero, the great Moisés Silva. Jubilees are, of course, times of relief and renewal—and also times of extraordinary graces.

Now I am a modest and rather private fellow, and thus do not customarily speak of such graces as are occasionally visited upon me. Nevertheless, I feel it is incumbent upon me at this time to give public testimony, laconic though it be, to having received the highest attainable benefit of the jubilee we observe: for this past Friday, October 2—after 15 years of sedulous labors in the promotion of Moisifical Infallibility, and nearly a quarter of a century after my first entrée into the study of the Silvanic corpus—I was accounted worthy to be granted an audience with Our Infallible Hero himself in the storied City of Litchfield, Michigan. Of this unfettered Silvophany (whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows) I can only say that I heard inexpressible things, things that no one is permitted to tell. I must, however, register my relief to have survived the obvious trap set up for me in downtown Litchfield, where the most dangerously convoluted intersection in the world quietly awaits the unsuspecting driver. I feel as though the civil authorities of Litchfield, in addition to fulfilling their long delinquent duty to include International Moisés Silva Day in their Community Calendar, could perhaps also make the corner of Chicago St and Jonesville Rd an all-way stop. But I digress.

While there is photographic evidence of the solemn event, I have decided to do one better for you, my gentle snowflakes: I am sharing here with each and all this actual footage of Friday’s Silvophany (!). This, I feel, will most accurately convey to you what transpired on that blessèd day (click to play):

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